• Trading for All Kinds of Assets
  • Transferring of Rural Land Contractual Management Righ
  • Transferring of Agricultural Facilities
  • Transferring of Forest Property
  • Provide plant engineering agent, plant engineering holder, plant engineering investors with transaction, information, Consulting Services
  • Planning Service for Start-up Enterprises
  • Road Show for Start-up Enterprises
  • Training for Start-up Enterprises
  • Researching and Developing Financial Products in the Field of Intellectual Property
  • Applying, Evaluating, Trading, and Managing Intellectual Property for Enterprises
  • Implementing Standard,Protecting and Financing Intellectual Property for Enterprises
  • Planning Capital and Share Raised for Enterprises
  • M&A Loans; Supporting Services for Bank Mortgage Loans
  • Mortgage for All Kinds of Equity
  • Issuing Private Placement Bond; Financing for Usufruct of Assets
  • Mergers &Acquisitions, Restructuring, Consulting , and Financing for Enterprises
  • Legal Due Diligence and Financial Due Diligence
  • Road Show for Enterprises
  • Mergers &Acquisitions, Restructuring, Consulting , and Financing for Enterprises
  • Legal Due Diligence and Financial Due Diligence
  • Road Show for Enterprises
  • Group Profile

    Beibu Gulf Equity Exchange Group Co., Ltd

    Beibu Gulf Equity Exchange Group Co., Ltd., a stateownedshare-holding enterprise group, was approved by the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.The Group was authorized by the government to engage in a variety of resources trading and lead the construction of the equity exchange market in Guangxi. The registered capital is one hundred million RMB.

    Facing lots of business opportunities that ASEAN brings to Guangxi, the Group starts to explore and develop specialized equity exchange markets actively which can cover all kinds of resources. By directly investing trading-related enterprises or setting up whollyowned subsidiaries, the Group may provide a variety of trading-related services, such as financing, consulting, planning, auditing, assessing and legal advising, etc.



    Trading Services

  • Trading Services for Equity And Assects of Companies and Administrative Institutions
  • Financial Assets Trading & Non-Performing Assets Trading
  • Partners Selection
  • Enterprise Purchasing
  • Rural Property Right Trading
  • Forest Rights and Products Transactions
  • Intellectual Property & Technology Trading
  • Cultural Property & Products Trading
  • Environmental Rights and Interests Trading
  • Tourism Resources Trading
  • Franchise Rights Trading
  • Financing Services

  • Investors Selection Services for Capital Increase and Share Expansion
  • Investors Selection Services for Bankruptcy Reorganization
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Services & Bank Mortgage Loans Supporting Services
  • Mortgage for All Kinds of Equity
  • Financial Leasing Services
  • Financing for Usefruct of Assects
  • Conculting & other Value-Added Services

  • Conculting Services for Mixed Ownership Reform of State-Owned Enterprises
  • Conculting Services for Restructuring, Project Consulting & Financing, Tax Planning, Due Diligence,etc
  • Road Show
  • Trading Custody and Attestation
  • Researching and Developing Customized Financial Products
  • Event Planning and Professional Training
  • Bid Inviting Service for Government
  • Registration and Confirmation for Technical Contracts
  • Project Center

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